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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Maximise clicks, minimise costs.

Unlock your business’s potential with targeted PPC campaigns! 

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Our digital agency in Manchester specialises in PPC, a well-known paid search advertising technique. It is crucial to incorporate these practises with platforms like Google and Meta. 

What are the benefits of PPC?

PPC boosts your online presence and conversions by attracting targeted traffic efficiently. It enables precise targeting and measurable results to achieve marketing goals.

Targeted Customers

Our digital marketing connects you directly with target customers, allowing customised messages for better engagement and sales.

Optimised Leads

Through targeted digital marketing efforts, we can deliver high value leads to your business, boosting your conversion rates and maximising your return on investment.

Regular Reporting

Our commitment to transparency means you will receive regular reports detailing your campaign’s advancement and success.

Increased Conversions

Targeted digital strategies that captivate your audience and guide them seamlessly from interest in purchasing your product or service. 

Keyword Strategy

Our PPC keyword strategy is precise, maximising ad relevance and targeting for qualified leads and budget efficiency. 


We will work together to create targeted campaigns that will generate your desired results.

Increase conversions with paid ads.

Through strategic audience targeting and segmentation, your business can achieve higher conversion rates and enhanced return on investment. 

Paid Media

Using paid media stretches your budget and spreads your brand across platforms to attract traffic and potential customers. Tailored campaigns and precise targeting boost your marketing efforts, delivering results and returns on investment. 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Ads pop up on social media, search engines, and websites, with charges per click. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) showcase sponsored listings, social media and website ads. 

Social Media Advertising

Ads or boosted posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn aim to connect with audiences based on their interests, demographics, or behaviours. 

Paid Search Advertising

Keyword bids determine the placement of text ads at the top of search engine results pages. Advertisers can use Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, and Bing Ads as popular platforms for paid search advertising. 

Display Advertising

Websites and social media display ads via banners or videos, which are personalised to match user interests. These catchy visuals aim to grab attention with text, images, or videos.

Native Advertising

Sponsored content blends seamlessly with the platform’s format, appearing as articles or videos on news sites or social media feeds. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience, keeping the spotlight on your brand message.

PPC Management Services in Manchester

Our Manchester PPC agency specialises in crafting and managing campaigns to boost PPC performance on top search engines like Google Ads and Bing Ads. We focus on interpreting data and recognising patterns to maximise results, helping you attract more prospects and drive sales for clients. 


What to expect from a digital agency in Manchester?

While each Manchester digital agency may vary, a specialised one will assess your business to create a personalised campaign. Top agencies avoid generic approaches by crafting customised plans for short and long-term goals.

What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an online ad model where you pay for each click and buy visits to your site. Ads target specific keywords or demographics, appearing on search engines, social media, and other sites. With PPC, you can set budgets, adjust targeting, and track performance in real-time, driving targeted traffic, leads, and sales.

Who needs PPC?

PPC is perfect for small businesses competing with larger rivals, e-commerce driving sales, service-based firms generating leads, local businesses attracting customers, and those launching new products or promotions. It allows precise audience targeting, traffic generation, and rapid awareness building, making it an invaluable tool for diverse marketing goals.

How does PPC work?

Ads appear when users search or browse, and advertisers pay per click. Ad position depends on bid and ad quality score, including relevance. PPC targets specific demographics, offering a cost-effective way for businesses to engage their audience, boosting traffic and conversions across search engines and social media platforms. 

Is PPC worth it?

Determining the value of PPC hinges on factors such as your business objectives, budget, and market competition. It provides precise targeting, real-time tracking, and campaign flexibility. Through strategic planning and continuous management, PPC can yield significant ROI and drive successful marketing outcomes.

What's the difference between PPC and SEO?

PPC delivers instant visibility through paid ads, while SEO enhances organic search rankings gradually. PPC yields quick results and ad control, while SEO provides long-term benefits without continuous spending. Both strategies complement each other in digital marketing. Choose one or both based on goals and budget to maximise online presence and drive traffic. 

Can I target specific people with PPC adverts?

PPC targets specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, tailoring campaigns based on factors like age, gender, location, and online behaviour. This precise targeting ensures ads reach interested users, maximising campaign effectiveness and conversion potential. 

How do I know if my PPC campaign is working?

You can monitor your PPC campaign’s performance with metrics like CTR, conversion rate, CPC, and ROI. These metrics show how effectively your campaign drives traffic, generates leads, and achieves goals. Keep an eye on KPIs such as ad positioning and quality scores for insights and areas to improve. We regularly review and adjust based on data to ensure your campaign meets its objectives.

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